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April 29, 2020
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As we take our first steps towards freedom from staying at home....

We should remember that these are only our FIRST steps and they do need to be small steps as everyone learns how to handle some semblance of normal. The rules will likely still change every single day. Every type of business and every type activity will be affected. Restaurants  and other businesses will need to train employees how to prepare and serve without contamination. Patrons will need to learn to dine while not spreading germs to others. They will need to be aware of every single surface that they touch. Purses and backpacks are a huge risk for picking up germs, as are glasses, sunglasses, ink pens, keys, cups, etc. Customers will need to learn how to takeoff and put on a mask or face covering without spreading germs all over the restaurant, their personal items or themselves.  Where will they put it? And how? Perhaps an extra “mask plate” on the table can help. They will need to learn how to handle their keys. If you set them on the table, a countertop, or a check out stand, Guess what? Customers in shops Will need to learn how to handle payments such that they haven’t touched everything in the shop and then touch their credit card or wallet or purse.  Public restrooms go without saying. Don’t touch anything. For a small child, a challeged person, an elderly person, that may be next to impossible. Begin to think through every aspect of your outing. Think through every grocery trip. Think through every doctors visit. Think through your first social outings. 

Skip the purse or backpack. Use plastic bags or envelopes for someone to drop your ID or credit card into whenever they DO NEED to be handed off. Everything you do in public may take longer in the name of being safe. Spend your valuable days at home  outlining a strategic plan to keep you and your family safe in public for every activity. Remind teens and young adults that the new freedom is not “game on” for party time. Collectively  this will make a difference in the community. Review the plans and household rules with all of your family members. Think through safety with your co-workers and your boss. I promise you that initially, companies and government cannot think of everything. If you have the ability to teach others to be safe then by all means, teach others. In fact, COVID safety should be added into all distance learning programs ASAP. Review videos of how to put on and take off masks safely.  Use homemade plastic face shields to keep yourself from touching your face when you go out. This goes double for anyone who has a habit of picking or scratching.  Use hairstyles that keep hair off of your face such that you don’t reach up to move it. This is not about living in fear.  This is about learning better ways of doing things such that they become habits. Once they become habits, no one will even need to think about them. Education about Covid  will flatten the curve! Better Habits will flatten the curve! A Sharp rise in the curve as restrictions let up can lead to further lockdown action. Do your part to keep the curve flat. This will take all of us.  Please share. Please even share more with community leaders and influencers. Please Educate More about what needs to be done. Empower others. Please Learn more.  Do it to protect others from the virus. Do it to get our economy back. Above all, please be safe!


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April 28, 2020
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COVID-19 has been associated with multiple type of skin conditions. One report from a hospital in  Italy reported up to 20% of patients with Corona Virus have skin symptoms. Here in the US, the AAD is tracking associated skin findings reported by doctors across the country. Several different types of skin conditions seem to come up over and over again in patient visits. Some of these conditions can be seen in the absence of corona virus, but skin findings, especially with other corona virus symptoms or a history of close contact with COVID patients, would warrant testing for corona virus. Hives, a morbilliform (measles-looking) rash, “COVID toes” (looks like chill blains or vasculitis) also known as acral ischemia, a Chicken pox-like Vesicular (blistering rash), a rash called livedo reticularis which consists of a network of skin mottling with transient blanching from ischemic  blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and lastly, a petechial rash (looks like tiny pinpoint areas of bleeding under the skin). Evidence is mounting that COVID has some mild to profound vascular effects…ranging from mild blood vessel involvemnent in the skin with no symptoms of illness in some people to stoke and death in others. If you develop a rash during this time, the best thing to do is to call or email your dermatologist for a telemedicine visit. Even when offices are reopening, many dermatologists will still be seeing rash patients by telemedicine (Skype, zoom, Facetime, doximity or other video platform) in order to keep rash patients, who may be asymptomatically shedding virus, separate from many of the older skin cancer patients with risk of serious illness from COVID. Treatment for rashes can be started via telemedicine and patients can be sent to testing centers or laboratories for appropriate bloodwork. Only if needed, patients with rashes that are not getting better, can be seen in the office. Remember, most people with COVID-related rashes are going to be just fine. Stay safe!


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April 11, 2020
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    In these days of repeated handwashing and hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of COVID-19, hand dermatitis has become much more common. Add this to home cooked meals, with lots of dishes to do, and hands can be left dry, cracked, chapped and burning. Breaks and cracks in the skin make infection MORE likely....exactly the opposite of what people want right now!  So what can you do? The most important thing is to repair the skin's natural barrier. Using moisturizing lotions and cream can help. They need to be applied multiple times per day to be effective. Xerafite, Alastin, Eucerin, EltaMD, CereVe, Cetaphil, and Neutrogena all have excellent formulations to help. If the skin is inflamed, hydrocortisone 1% might help, but if really inflamed, you may need a prescription. Most dermatologists are doing telemedicine visits over video platforms,while their offices are closed due to the pandemic. Our patients can request a visit via email request to Remember that hand sanitizers can not only contain alcohol, but fragrance and glitter as well. The alcohol strips away moisture from the skin. Fragrance acts as an irritant and an allergen (allergy causing ingredient). Glittery particles can cause direct physical irritation.

When it comes to sanitizer, keep it basic. For those with allergies, using mild cleansers such as CLn Wash can help to decrease irritation, while killing germs. Preservatives contained in hand creams an lotions can also give some people trouble. Coconut oil, olive oil, vaseline or even Crisco (yup, shortening) can help to build the necessary fatty layer in the skin barrier for the very sensitive.  Gloves are best used for doing the dishes and to prevent irritation from household cleaners, but don’t leave them on too long because they can keep hands excessively wet and can compound problems.These are definitely trying times as far as our hands go, but with some good care, you can keep your skin intact. Hope this helps. Be safe!

October 04, 2010
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